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                    The year that was…

                    Dec 18, 2022 | Blog/News

                    2022 will be a year that we remember, but for variety of different reasons.  As we head into the festive season there is always the downtime to reflect on our accomplishments, challenges that we overcame and a level of excitement on the possibilities that lie ahead.   As we learn to live with Covid-19, cafes and bars are full of enthusiasm, while the waiting list for your favourite restaurant seems to be getting longer.  It’s the time to reflect on 2022 and also give a snippet of insight into what may be on the cards for next year.

                    Since January, we have seen an enormous level of ‘once in a lifetime’ moments.  There have been tributes to sporting heroes both present and past, we’ve finally re-opened our international borders after 704 days of pandemic demise and had a change in government all in one year.  These are clearly impacting us domestically, let alone the year that has been across the world.  We’ve had a declaration of war in Ukraine along with its preceding global condemnation consuming talks around the dinner table and headlines around the world.  There has been geopolitical uncertainty across major economies, changes in governments, the death of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II and a covid zero strategy in China being felt across global supply chains.  While it may seem, Australia have managed to recover from the pandemic better than other countries, inflation remains the common enemy for central banks as they balance the need to stimulate growth without the risk of a recession. 

                    For investors, and homeowners in particular, the greatest impact is now being felt in the back pocket or wallet.  We’ve experienced increasing energy prices along with the Official Cash Rate rising from 0.10 to 3.10 given recent announcement (www.rba.gov.au), as inflation takes hold and is the highest in years yet spending and consumer patterns remain unchanged.  Time will tell of course, as households tighten their belt as the continued rate rises are expected to impact more households in early 2023.  All this happened as Australia went to the polls again, floods devastated (and still impacting) local communities let alone its impact on the prices of our fresh meat and produce and we watched Australia show the true Australian spirit against other nations in the World Cup in Qatar.   It’s not all doom and gloom though, making it even more of a unique year. 

                    There has been a cyclical correction in property prices, many saying well needed after the volatility in the market during 2021.  Over the past 2 years though, the Australian property market has remained resilient and there are pockets which remain affordable for first home and investor borrowers alike.  We’ve also had record level unemployment rates to help fuel spending patterns which can be most recently seen during Black Friday / Cyber Monday period. 

                    The RBA is expected, and have hinted, that they expect to taper their interventions on interest rates by middle of next year, allowing homeowners and investors to gain reprieve and stability in their interest payments.  However, time will tell how this monetary policy will impact the economic spending habits of consumers post the festive season spending sprees of course.  With monthly statistics now the norm, government agencies should now be better equipped to make economic decisions on relevant data, potentially impacting their decisions quicker.  There is one thing though, there are opportunities to be had throughout every economic cycle for both borrowers and investors alike.   Quality borrowers and astute investors will realise that during uncertain times, property purchases and investment opportunities will also eventuate.  Fortune does favour the brave after all. 

                    At Oak Capital, we are enthusiastic on what the new year has install.  We continue to promptly provide solutions to borrower needs, I think the record is 30 hours from origination to settlement and pride ourselves on tailored lending solutions to our borrowers to help them with their business needs.  The demand from our investors has never been stronger as we continue to supply highly competitive regular income sources to our diverse investor base.  Both our Oak Capital Mortgage Fund and our Oak Capital Wholesale Fund have experienced growth throughout the year and continue their solid track record of capital preservation for our investor capital, finishing the year in a very strong position. 

                    We have expanded our already strong leadership team, refreshed our corporate strategy, invested in our people, processes and technologies along with expanding our lending and investment solutions. What a year 2022 has been! As we turn the corner into the new year, we understand that there might be media attention out there on the strength of the headwinds, but we are very excited by the opportunities that our business will have as a result.  Of course, we will keep you all informed of things as they unfold.

                    It is also a time to appreciate the things we have in life.  We wanted to thank each all our broker and investor supporters who continue to rely on us to help service their financial needs and wealth aspirations.  It is a privilege that we take seriously each and every day we come to work. 

                    From all of us here at Oak Capital, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Safe New Year to you and all your loved ones.


                    Troy Stratton
                    Chief Investment Officer



                    This communication is prepared and issued by Oak Capital group representing Oak Capital Mortgage Fund Ltd ACN 161 407 058, AFS Licence 438659 the responsible entity of the Oak Capital Mortgage Fund ARSN 166 411 463 and Oak Capital Wholesale Fund Pty Ltd ABN 45 622 106 692, AFS Licence 506255 authorised to act as trustee for the Oak Capital Wholesale Fund (the Funds) and contains general information only without considering any persons’ objectives, financial situation or needs

                    Choosing an investment is important decision and, before deciding to acquire or to continue to hold an interest in the Funds, you should consider obtaining financial advice and consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the product suits your demographic and investment style as contained in the Target Market Determination (TMD) You should also consider and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Target Market Determination (TMD) and Supplementary PDS (SPDS) or Information Memorandum (IM) and Supplementary IM (SIM).

                    When considering whether to invest in the Funds, you should remember that an investment in the Funds is not a bank deposit or a term deposit and is not covered by the Australian Government’s deposit guarantee scheme. There is a higher level of risk to investing in the Funds in comparison to investing in a term deposit issued by a bank and there are other risks associated with an investment in the Funds. Investors risk losing some or all their principal investments. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The key risks of investing in the Fund are explained in section 4 of the PDS and section 6 of the IM.

                    You can read the PDS, TMD and SPDS or IM and SIM on our website or ask for a copy by telephoning us on 1300 625 227